Friday, November 2, 2012

Candy Corn, Pumpkins, Costumes and Screams...HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

      Halloween has always been one of my very favorite holidays. I just love dressing up, going through haunted houses, and eating candy! I think it is so fun. I love to see the creativity of others as they all get dressed up. This year, being a poor college student, I just used whatever I could throw together from my closet! End result? Here it is:

Hopefully you can tell who I am...Pippy Longstockings!
(No wig needed :))

     I wore my costume to all my classes, which was a lot of fun. I think there was only one person who didn't know who I was, so that's a good sign ;). After classes, I went to cross country practice. In celebration of Halloween, we ran to the sunken graveyard in Buena Vista. It is this really old, unofficial graveyard in the middle of a forest. There are a few worn tombstones that are slightly askew, and all the graves are sunken into the ground so that you can see the rectangular shape of the coffins. It is really neat and really spooky. The ground is scattered in orange and yellow leaves and the dense forest allows only small slits of sunlight to stream through. Standing there among the tombstones and sunken graves, tall trees and scattered leaves, it's a unique and intriguing feeling. I think it's just a really interesting place. And of course, quite ideal for a Halloween run.
     After cross country practice, I went back to my room and got dressed up in my costume again. When I was done, I went with a group of friends to tour the "Haunted Halls of Main." I've posted pictures of SVU's Main Hall on this blog before, and you can see that it is a really majestic and really old building. It was built in 1890 as a hotel and later became a two year college for girls, and finally, a four year liberal arts university especially for Latter-day Saints and others who share their values: Southern Virginia University. The first two floors are currently administration buildings, with some boys dorms on the second floor, the third floor is boys dorms, and the fourth floor is currently empty. This year they decided to have some fun and create a haunted house on the fourth floor of Main. Haunted houses are already spooky enough, imagine having one in an over 100 year old building! It was really cool. We had to wait over two hours (during which time I did Spanish homework for a little while...and talked with friends too ;)) for the tour, but it was worth it in my opinion. The tour guide (my friend Garret wearing a suit and black and white face paint) took us through the basement first (which is where I work!) where the lights were off and there was "blood" on the floor. He led us to the elevator, which stopped on the first floor, and Garret said in a creepy, monotone voice "why is this happening. We're not supposed to be stopping here -" then the doors of the rickety old elevator opened and a man in a white mask came sprinting towards the elevator, screaming. The doors closed again just before he reached it and he banged on them until we continued up to the fourth floor. Once on the fourth floor, we continued through the tour. One cool part was when we went to one of the towers and our tour guide told us a story of a girl hanging herself...and then a body dropped in front of the window of the tower. Another neat part was in the other tower where the guide led us into a little tiny space where we were all crouched down when suddenly a door burst open with a person dressed as a ghost/zombie inside. She started coming after us and a bunch of people screamed and scrambled out of the tiny room, knocking down and practically trampling my friend Jacey. I helped her up and we crawled out of the room and walked briskly out of the tower. Anyway, those were just some of the highlights. It was so fun, and free! They did a really good job with costumes and everything as well.
    So goes my Halloween night! It was really quite enjoyable! I hope ya'll had a happy Halloween as well! :)

Waiting for the "Haunted Halls of Main" Tour!
Jacey, Tyson, [Me], Nicole, Leah, Elle, Kelli.

Halloween lights my roommate Delaney and I put up!

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