Thursday, August 30, 2012

Devil's Marble Yard

Instead of going on a run for cross country practice this morning, we hiked Devil's Marble Yard. The hike begins in the woods and then the trail leads to what is basically a mountain of marble looking rocks! Me, Leah and Patrick got lost for a bit...but we said a prayer and found our teammates less than a minute after we said "amen." Hooray for answered prayers!  But anyway, it's a super intense hike. It's pretty much like bouldering. The view at the top is absolutely beautiful. Like always, the pictures don't really do nature justice, but here you go. :)

Katelyn and Spencer, [Me] and Patrick.

[Me], Shelbi, Leah, Kelli, Elle, Patrick, Spencer, Katelyn.

Shelbi, Elle, Kelli, Nicole, Tori, Ben.

And also, yesterday a group of us walked down to the "Amish Cupboard" after cross country. It's a little shop in BV with homemade foods that are really tasty. On our way there we saw this wax man and took some pictures with him:

Spencer and Ben.

Oh Patrick...

Jacey, Leah and [Me].

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