Monday, September 3, 2012

Lovely Sundays

      Yesterday was such a wonderful Sunday! Church was simply amazing. I had the opportunity to teach the Gospel Doctrine class in church, but little did I know it was not going to be a one time substitution! After class, my bishop called me into his office and extended a calling to me to be a Gospel Doctrines teacher! I am super excited. I sincerely enjoy teaching. It is going to be a calling that takes a lot of preparation and diligence, which can be a difficult commitment for a college student, but I know I can do it because it's what the Lord has called me to do. Fast and testimony meeting was also a very uplifting experience. So many people bore beautiful testimonies that brought the Spirit and just filled my heart with hope and joy. I love my Buena Vista YSA 4th ward already! It is going to be (and is!) so great.
      After taking a nap and eating dinner, I attended a fireside that was also spiritually and emotionally uplifting. When the fireside was over, I got together with a lovely group of friends (Joanna, Caitlyn and Kailey) and we watched Mormon Message videos on and had some beautiful spiritual discussions.

      I have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Christ lives. He died for us and was resurrected so that we too may live again and be cleansed through his atoning sacrifice. Heavenly Father sent him - his perfect, only begotten Son - to die for us. He loves us more than we can fathom, for He loves us enough to send his Son. We must not let his suffering be in vain - we must turn to the Savior, repent, and strive to live a righteous, virtuous life. As quoted from the document The Living Christ, "God be thanked for the matchless gift of his divine Son." Every single person has the ability to repent, the capacity to be cleansed and made whole and pure. Christ didn't suffer for perfect people - he suffered for sinners. He did it because he loves us and wants us to obtain eternal life and joy. Satan is real though, and he does not want us to succeed in being happy and living righteously. Often times he targets those who are succeeding because he wants us to be as miserable as he is. It is our choice whether or not we let temptations and trials block our path to eternal joy. We don't have to let Satan win the battle. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, on the other hand, actually want us to be happy. God is always, always willing to bless us, as long as we come unto Him.

     As I said, a lovely Sunday indeed. :)


  1. So, what was the lesson in the Gospel Doctrine class on?

  2. It was about 3 Nephi Chapters 1-7 where Christ comes to the Nephites after he was resurrected and how we need to prepare for the second coming just as the Nephites were supposed to prepare. It also talked about the importance of enduring faithfully in times of trial and temptation.