Friday, September 7, 2012

Mornings Like This...

    Welcome to Virginia, where mornings like this...

turn into afternoons like this!

    Odd, right? You think fog means rain (or at least that's what I thought, growing up in a desert), but usually the mornings with heavy fogs turn into beautiful, sunshine-y afternoons. I actually love the misty mornings. The morning mist is enchanting, plus it has a unique, refreshing smell. I woke up and started getting ready, then decided to look out the window and was delighted when I was greeted by the crisp, foggy morning.
Add the mystical foggy morning, the sunny afternoon, happy faces, smooth classes, and it has been a great Friday!
    I went to my acting class where we did a really interesting exercise to try to get the "feel" of the energy in the room by standing in a circle and trying to lift our arms as an entire group. We had to use what Professor Stoddard referred to as "soft focus" where you kind of stare off into space but watch the entire room at once. It was actually really cool and I was able to feel the energy of the other students in the classroom, and eventually, we all raised and lowered our arms at the same time without saying a single word or making any gestures or eye contact.
    After acting, I went to my Spanish I class. I am enjoying Spanish so far, but it is certainly new to me. The best part about class today though, was Professor Fuentes told me a spot had opened up in her 12:30 class so that I can switch into it and consequently be in Bella Voce (the Women's chorus here at SVU) as well! Originally it conflicted with my Spanish class and the 12:30 section was too full, but all is well now! When Spanish ended, I went to Convocation where I met some new people and listened to great, enthusiastic speakers from the SVU faculty, staff and board. The first week of school has indicated an exciting semester. Busy, yes, but also exciting and full of opportunities.

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