Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sometimes I Wear Purple Pants and Put Feathers in My Hair

    My schedule is officially official! It's nice to actually know for sure which classes I'm going to now.

Acting I (3 credits)
Institute: Church History Part 1 (2 credits)
Leader-Servant (1 credit)
Spanish I (4 credits)
Cross Country (1 credit)

Health and Wellness (2 credits)
Bella Voce (1 credit)
Spanish I
Western Literature (3 credits)
Cross Country

...and starting block two semester I'll have Information Literacy for 2 credits.

Putting the grand total at 18 credits! I've never done this many before...so we'll see how this goes.

Oh yeah, and sometimes I wear purple pants and put feathers in my hair. Just because. :)

In honor of this date, we sang "America the Beautiful" in Bella Voce. The events that occurred on 9/11/2001 influenced so many lives. May we learn that life is precious and remember it forever. May we thank the heroes who risked their lives on that day, as well as many to come and many before. God bless America.

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