Thursday, September 13, 2012

My New Best Frenemies

Hello! Meet my new best frenemies:

Their names are Bob and Amelia Crutch. They have been extremely helpful, however they are also a pain in the...armpit. We're getting to know each other quite well!

Why am I being accompanied by the Crutches, you ask? Well, you see, at cross country practice yesterday we were running up on Mount Pleasant when suddenly I heard a loud noise that sounded like a landslide. Sure enough, just about 40 meters in front of me, a giant boulder was rolling toward one of my cross country teammates! I don't know how I did it, but some super awesome fast-power energy surged through me and I sprinted ahead just in time to push my teammate out of the way of the tumbling boulder. Unfortunately, the boulder rolled right over my ankle and it started swelling up and I went to the school nurse who introduced me to Bob and Amelia and then wrapped my ankle.

Not a bad story, eh? Nah, none of that is true...well except for the swelling up part. And the running on Mount Pleasant. The name is deceiving though, because it wasn't actually very pleasant. I was just running along on a rocky downhill trail, chatting with my friend Leah about Antigone and Socrates when I just stumbled over a rock in the path. I heard a loud 'snap' that sounded like cracking a stick in half, a sharp pain shot through my ankle, and I collapsed face down in the dirt. You know those times when you get hurt and you want to cry, but you don't, even though there is a giant lump of tears in your throat? Well that did not happen. Instead I just cried/moaned/screamed as if it were a natural reflex. I did not even think about it, and after about 40 seconds I realized I should probably stop crying and saying things like "I don't want to be hurt!" My teammates pep talked me and then kind Patrick carried me about halfway back to the beginning of the course where we sat in the van and I elevated my foot while Shelbi (who had stayed at the vans because she forgot her shoes) and Patrick took turns holding a cold water bottle against my ankle that was beginning to swell. When we got back to the school, I went to the trainer, Amanda, and she examined it, iced it, wrapped it, and gave me the Crutches.

Today was fun then, hobbling around campus! I feel truly blessed though because so many people have been so kind and willing to help me and give me rides. Right now we aren't sure of the status of my ankle, but the swelling has gone down and it is feeling a little better today than it did yesterday. I won't be able to run the race this Saturday, but Amanda says we'll try to get me running again in time for next weeks race. I'm counting my many blessings though, because I truly do have many and I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always there for me.

Oh, and Bob and Amelia say hi. :)

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  1. i still think you should have gone to the doctor i hope you will be ok. YOUR MOM ROnDA