Friday, September 21, 2012

Victory Run

    Guess what I did today? I ran 4 whole miles! I kept my brace on, but I did it! However, my left leg was totally compensating I think because it started hurting and cramping up pretty badly. So what did I do? I took an ice bath. Some of my other teammates joined me - it's good team bonding! (but that's not actually why they joined me...they were sore too) Ah! Ice baths are so dreadful. But they really do help me feel so much better! 15 minutes of being in 35 degree ice water = days of muscles feeling much better. It's worth it. But believe me, when I'm first slipping into that icy water, I do NOT feel like it's worth it. I literally screamed when I submerged myself in the water today. Ah. Ice's a love/hate relationship for sure.

Team bonding in the ice bath! Jacey, Kelli and [Me].

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